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Paramount Projects L.L.C.

Project Management

Residential and Commercial Project Management

Single Repairs

Do you need a contractor to service your home?

Paramount Projects L.L.C acquires the materials required for any repairs including appliance parts, HVAC, plumbing etc. We staff our jobs with qualified, professional contractors that provide results that are unmatched by standard commercial maintenance personnel.

Offices and Stores

Paramount Projects provides maintenance services for other commercial buildings as well, including convenient and retail stores. Keep your store looking new with Paramount Projects! We handle all of your repairs and preventative maintenance so you can focus on your business.

Restaurants and Bars

Have a restaurant? Paramount Projects will ensure everything is functional in your restaurant at all times. As you can imagine, restaurants typically have a high flow of traffic which often results in expedited wear & tear. For example, we keep everything freshly painted and all hardware fully functional.

There are many restaurants and bars in & around the Austin area that have roof leaks, stains, broken door hardware, and non-operational toilets. With Paramount Projects, we will make sure everything is running at its best, at all times, so that your customers have a smooth & pleasant experience.

Commercial Installations

Security and Surveillance

Paramount Projects L.L.C. provides building security solutions including CCTV. We set up our clients with remote viewing so you can check your property at any time. We offer wired and wireless installations! Help prevent vandalism, theft, and squatters to ensure your employees' and customers' safety. Contact us for more information regarding surveillance installations!

Have Paramount Projects install your door & security hardware. Control who enters the building with authorized entry systems such as keycard, pinpad, fingerprint, and facial recognition. Keep your unwanted visitors out with Paramount Projects!

Electrical and Lighting

Is your building in need some illumination? Install new lights in your parking garage or on the building exterior and illuminate the area with energy efficient, high output fixtures. Not only will it help your employees & customers see, but it will provide a more secure environment and discourage unwanted visitors from entering the premises.

For full electrical installations please get in touch with our partner Bethea Electric listed on the Partners page.

More information for Commercial Services will be published here soon!

Contact us for more information on the services we provide for commercial applications.

About Us

Paramount Projects puts carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC trades at your fingertips. Let us handle all of the choreography and you can focus on more important things!

Rest-Assured you're calling the right company for the job when you call Paramount Projects L.L.C. No matter what the task, we have qualified personnel readily available at your disposal.

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