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Maintenance Service

Maintenance Contracts

Paramount Projects L.L.C. provides multiple maintenance contracts to keep your home in prime condition. Do not let age affect your home with Paramount Projects! All of our contracts are backed by our warranty. Please refer to the contract or contact us for warranty & contract details.

Monthly Contracts

Paramount Projects will service your home atleast once a month. This is an ideal package for a foster home or leased apartment/home. Never worry about damages in your rental home with Paramount Projects as the repair service provider. Your tenants will have 24/7 emergency response service including repair services for any wear & tear damages. We handle clogged drains and electrical failures. On-Call service 24/7 including major holidays. Call or Email us now for more information or registration. First-time Sign up's are subject to pre-inspection of the property and prerequisite repairs to be eligible.

Quaterly Contracts

Have a high occupancy or large home? With the quaterly contract keep your home from aging with our service. Paramount Projects L.L.C. will come out four times a year to provide necessary repairs and preventative maintenance. This contract is ideal for larger homes. This package can include lawn maintenance and general upkeep services such as window cleaning.

Bi-Annual Contracts

Paramount Projects offers bi-annual contracts to service your home. This is perfect for any size home. Paramount Projects will come out twice a year to inspect your home and repair any damages or aging including touch up paint.

Many homes are built using materials that are more biodegradable and easier on the environment. The problem with that is the environment will degrade the home over time. A perfect example of this is masonite materials. It is compressed paper layers that offer no resistance to moisture. Without a proper coating of paint, water will compromise this material and degrade it, causing what is referred to as "rotting". With the bi-annual contract, you are protecting your home from expensive repairs rather than cheap maintenance. Paramount Projects will keep your home painted and replace any siding & trim that gets compromised.

Annual Contracts

This contract is similar to the bi-annual contract. An annual contract is a perfect contract for any home owner. Have Paramount Projects service your home once a year and rest assured your home is in good hands. We provide preventative maintenance to keep your repair costs at a minimum including HVAC maintenance, home appliance, hardware, and plumbing. Contact us now for more information to see which contract is right for you.


Have Paramount Projects L.L.C. keep your pool water crystal clear! We are certified pool operators and can handle any size pool. This is optional in all of our contracts. Contact us now or visit the pool section for more information and pricing!

Client Specific Contracts

All contracts are client specific. All specific services are optional. Please contact Paramount Projects to get an accurate quote for our maintenance service.

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