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  • 17/01 Paramount Projects L.L.C. launches new website Redesigned Website Published. Some new features include customer portal, employee portal, and a more detailed list of services, as well as, a nicer look. Customers can now view their projects and documents from the web site, as well as pay invoices and request estimates.
  • 20/12 We Accept Credit Cards Paramount Projects L.L.C. now accepts credit cards and offers monthly subscription services. Online payments and bank/electronic transfers are accepted also, making it easier for you to view/pay your bills.
  • 19/04 First Website Published Paramount Projects L.L.C. publishes its first website. Classic style serving as a foundation to build upon.


Does Paramount Projects L.L.C. provide a warranty, and if so what does the warranty typically cover?
Paramount Projects L.L.C. warranties vary in length of coverage, however the standard minimum is one year. Warranties typically include materials & labor specific to the line item of the invoice that is under warranty. Please refer to your individual invoice or contact us for more information regarding warranties.
How long is my estimate good for? How long do I have to accept the estimate I received from Paramount Projects L.L.C.?
Estimates from Paramount Projects L.L.C. are good for 30 days from the date of receipt. This is due in part to the variation of material costs, as well as taxes and scheduling/deadline requirements per project. If you have an estimate that is older than 30 days, please contact Paramount Projects L.L.C. with your Estimate # to see if we may honor the price. Otherwise, we can send you a new estimate.
Is Paramount Projects L.L.C. qualified and/or licensed for trade specific services? Who provides the warranty if the work is sub-contracted to a licensed professional?
Paramount Projects L.L.C. staff are currently seeking out licensed individuals to broaden our in-house services. In the event that Paramount Projects L.L.C. is not licensed for your project we will sub-contract the work to one of our partners or a listed, licensed professional. Paramount Projects L.L.C. stands strongly on utilizing the appropriate personnel for your project to ensure the best results.
In the event a portion or all of a project is sub-contracted, Paramount Projects still provides you a minimum one-year warranty. This saves you a great hassle if you need several different licensed trades.

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Paramount Projects puts carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC trades at your fingertips. Let us handle all of the choreography and you can focus on more important things!

Rest-Assured you're calling the right company for the job when you call Paramount Projects L.L.C. No matter what the task, we have qualified personnel readily available at your disposal.

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